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Low Pressure Taps


Especially in the bathroom and kitchen, a faucet is used every day intensively. Therefore, it may be necessary to change your tap after several years of use. Besides, you may simply want to change your faucet to get access to new technologies or to adopt a style that suits you better. Whatever the reason for replacing your mixer, before choosing a new one, you must know from which system your hot water is coming. When is it necessary to choose a low pressure basin tap or sink faucet? What is the difference between a low and a high-pressure mixer? These are the questions this article answers.


There is no difference between the appearance of low-pressure faucets and high-pressure taps. However, the design and operation are different. The low-pressure faucet is used when hot water comes from an instantaneous water heater. In this case, two connections are made to the boiler and one is required for the water supply so that we have three connections instead of two. When the tap is opened, cold water flows from the connection valve into the fitting. Depending on the desired mixing ratio between hot and cold water, the water flows in different directions in the faucet. If only cold water is required, it flows directly towards the outlet. If hot or warm water is needed, cold water flows at a lower pressure from the tap into the boiler, where it pushes the stored hot water into the tap via the third connection. There it is mixed with cold water and dispensed in the desired heat. The tank of the water heater fills up as the hot water is withdrawn. By using a low-pressure tap, only a small portion of the pressure is released into the boiler. If the valve is closed, the water supply to the storage tank is interrupted and the tank is therefore without pressure. Due to their more complex design, low-pressure valves are more expensive than high-pressure models.

This picture shows the difference between low pressure fittings and high pressure fittings. Low pressure fittings use hot water from a boiler.


It is used in decentralised hot water supply, i.e. when an instantaneous water heater or the hot water tank is used. Since these cannot withstand the pressure of normal water supply, a low-pressure mixing valve is absolutely necessary, otherwise, the instantaneous water heater tank may burst when water is forced through it at high pressure.


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