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Shower heads and shower sets without faucet

Whether you need a head shower, a hand shower or a set offering you the hose and shower brackets, you've come to the right place. You can get everything you need by purchasing each item separately or as an ensemble. Find the solution that's right for you. We have a wide selection of head showers providing you with one or more types of spray and shower sets in different price categories. The overhead shower providing an abundant spray within a large area mimicking the rain has gained popularity in recent years. Accompany it with side showers for an unforgettable shower experience. >>Learn more please in our buying guide.

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Whether purchased individually or as part of a shower set, a shower bar is just as important as the shower itself. It is attached to the wall to hold the shower in place. The longer the bar, the more the height of the shower head can vary and adjust to the size of your household members. As a general rule, it is about one meter long and sometimes its length can be adjusted. Shower bars are usually made of chrome-plated metal and are equipped with a bracket or slider to secure the shower. Its height position is usually adjustable and a device is usually provided to adjust its inclination.

Hand showers are available in different models such as tube hand showers, square showers or, more commonly, round showers. Those providing several types of sprays are particularly popular. Jet selection is made by turning the disc on the shower head. Many hand showers incorporate water-saving technologies. An aerator adds air to the water jet to keep it powerful and pleasant.

The hand shower can be replaced quickly and easily in the existing shower system and can be combined with many shower bars, hoses and fittings. Unlike the overhead shower, which is mounted on a shower column, wall or ceiling, the hand shower can be removed from its holder and the water can be directed to where it is needed via the hose. The hand shower is very practical for quick rinsing of feet, for washing hair over the bathtub, for cleaning small children and pets.

Sets including a shower column for overhead and a hand shower are also very popular. All mounting elements are available separately in our boutique. However, it is easier and cheaper to buy a set to ensure that each elements adapt to each other. The combination of a hand, head and side showers creates an individual shower experience for every situation. Cleaning, relaxation and massage are provided by the different shower heads and jet types.


A complete shower set also includes a hose which can also be purchased separately if required. They are available in several versions, with a smooth or fluted appearance. The hoses are available in different lengths, usually measuring between 1.25 metres and 2 metres and are made of metal or PVC. The ideal length depends on the height of the tallest user and should ideally be 10 to 30 cm longer than the user's height. In addition, depending on the material, there are differences in the degree of flexibility and resistance to pinching, twisting and cutting.


Showers are available in a variety of materials. Depending on requirements and tastes, customers can choose stainless steel, brass or plastic. Stainless steel offers the advantage of being germ-free and rustproof, which is why it is particularly wanted. This material is available in matt or glossy finishes. Brass showerheads are generally available in a chrome finish. The advantages here are durability and robustness.

To keep hand showers looking good and new for as long as possible, regular cleaning is necessary. The same applies to a head shower and the other components of a shower set, including the hose. When using various cleaning products, it is very important to rinse thoroughly with clean water to avoid leaving residues on the materials. Abrasive cleaners and scouring pads should be avoided as they damage surfaces. Thanks to special surface coatings and innovative technologies, modern showers are particularly easy to clean and limescale deposits do not build up easily. Many manufacturers have developed silicone nozzles that can be descaled with a simple swipe of the finger.


Modern shower heads are easy to use. Indeed, some avant-garde models can be operated using buttons. At the touch of a button, you can change the type of jet and sometimes even the power of the jet by rotation. There are also more and more often buttons directly on thermostatic taps that act as a diverter, for example, to switch from the head shower to the hand shower.


Shower heads and shower sets are available in different materials and designs. You can choose between a hand shower, a head shower or a side shower while keeping your old faucet. Shower sets have the advantage that the shower bar and shower hose are already integrated and you only need to purchase a thermostat or mixer tap. This way, you can be sure that the components fit together.


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