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Wall-Mounted Toilets

Wall-Mounted Toilets at xTWO

Wall-Mounted Washdown toilets for Modern Bathrooms

Wall-Mounted toilets keep your bathrooms clean and hygienic

A wall-mounted or wall-hung toilet is a great addition to any bathroom. A hanging toilet is quite a self-explanatory term as it literally means a toilet that is hanging on a wall and thus saving a lot of space. A wall-mounted commode increases the aesthetic appeal of most bathrooms. This kind of toilet makes your bathroom look more modern and minimalistic. Along with this modern look, you also get a better user experience as it also provides many practical benefits to you as well. Due to its hanging state, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene around it is comparatively easier as well. >>Read more

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These wall-hung toilets also provide the bathroom with a modern and minimalistic look. These are generally considered to be more design-oriented and stylish. But there are many different ranges of it. Some of the range of wall-mounted toilets include AquaClean, Antheus, Avento, Bau Ceramic, Cube Ceramic, Connect, Collaro, Contour, DuraStyle, Essence, Euro Ceramic, Finion, ME by Starck, Memento 2.0, O.novo, Starck 3, Subway 2.0, and Venticello.

Although floor-standing toilets are the traditional and most commonly bought toilet our modern ranges of wall-mounted toilets provide you with a space-saving alternative. A wall-mounted toilet is one of the best choices among the other toilet types, mainly due to the benefits it provides. Its complete unit is concealed, except for the seat. There are several benefits of wall hung toilets, let’s check them all here:

  • With its tank hidden away inside the wall, a wall-hung toilet will help you add up to 12 inches of floor space. This characteristic makes it good for practical use in small bathrooms.

  • Wall hanging toilets can also make cleaning your bathrooms much easier with the ground access beneath them. This means you can simply wipe, mop, or wash its underside - however you wish. This will help you in cleaning the areas around the toilet much easier. 

  • These toilets also provide you with more floor space in general while making your bathroom appear bigger and more spacious.

Choose from various practical and attractive designs

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AtxTWOstore, you get a wide choice of wall-hung toilets’ designs. But these wall-hung toilets require a different plumbing method, compared to a standard toilet. With a standard toilet, your waste pipe will invariably be at ground level. But with these toilets, much of that plumbing will have to be moved around. It is recommended that you hire a plumbing expert to fit these toilets. But if you do opt to do the hard work yourself, then you can begin with removing a section of the wall where you want to install your wall-hung toilet. Over there, your plumber will fit a new waste pipe, at the desired height. At xTWOstore, you get to choose from a wide variety of options and colors, like White, Stone White,Chrome / white, Star White, and White/chrome.

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