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Electronic Basin Taps

Electronic Basin Taps from GROHE at xTWO

The best hygiene with electronic washbasin taps from GROHE

Electronic washbasin taps are best known in public places such as cinemas or restaurants. The advantage is obvious: if you no longer have to touch the handles, bacteria and germs can no longer be transmitted through them. But non-contact taps are also becoming more and more common in private houses. GROHE has recognized this trend and offers many models with various designs to please everyone. GROHE models are all characterized by a modern design that perfectly adapts to this technology and, of course, to your bathroom. Learn more

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Technology is embodied in GROHE electronic taps

Infrared electronic equipment is at the cutting edge of technology. Depending on the model, some functions are available. Below is an overview of these functions and we invite you to consult the information sheet of the desired product to learn more about the functions it possesses.

Models for all tastes

Like ordinary taps, infrared washbasin taps are available as wall-mounted or deck-mounted taps. It must be underlined that electronic versions are generally delivered without a waste set. This must then be ordered separately.

GROHE electronic taps’ models belong to different series, each of which adopts a particular design. In our store, you will find models from the sculptural design Europlus E series, Eurocube E which adopt cubic shapes and Eurosmart CE with its oval and round shapes.

Maximum operating comfort

Simply put your hands under the tap and the water flows through it. Pull them out and the flow stops immediately. All this, thanks to an infrared sensor that detects your presence. To support this feature, a function exists which automatically stop the water flow after a determined period of time following tap’s activation.

Settings are made using a remote control and/or your smartphone. In the latter case, the models are equipped with Bluetooth and an application offers a comprehensive menu to display information (e. g. water consumption), to allow adjustments and select services. Password protection can be enabled to prevent intrusion.

Reduce energy and water consumptions

Some models of GROHE electronic taps offer an adjustable temperature limit to avoid useless expenses. Therefore, this type of taps is particularly suitable if you have children or in bathrooms designed for people with reduced mobility. Then no matter if one of you forgets to turn off the water because it stops automatically. In addition, depending on age or disability, the use of handles and levers can be difficult. GROHE makes your life easier!

Types of sprays

As with hand showers and head showers from GROHE, infrared devices also offer several types of sprays. The GROHE laminar spray is a free flowing and clear spray. The GROHE normal spray is suitable for all situations since it refreshes and relaxes you. The flow can be adjusted for both types of sprays to reduce your water consumption.


GROHE electronic taps offer innovative technologies that provide more comfort and pleasure: GROHE StarLight gives a long-lasting shine to the surface of your taps and makes them easy to clean. The GROHE SilkMove cartridge ensures smooth operation of the taps. GROHE EcoJoy save a lot of water thanks to a reduced water flow compensated by the addition of air. Finally, thanks to GROHE's QuickFix technology, the installation of taps is simple and quick. GROHE is committed to reducing the number of parts as much as possible to facilitate installation.

Power supply

Here you have the free choice of GROHE infrared equipment. They are powered either by a battery or by mains. The battery life is 7 years for 150 operations per day. In addition, it is possible at any time to switch from battery to mains. If you plan to use your electronic taps frequently a self-generating power supply system is a wise choice. The so-called Powerbox fulfilled this foncion perfectly: a charge of only 60 seconds is enough to supply the tap with power for a full day!

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