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Elements For Bidets

GROHE Bidets Fixing Frames

Supports Your Bidet, Hides the Pipework

Perfectly designed to match your contemporary bathroom.

If you have decided to install a wall-mounted bidet in your bathroom, an essential thing you will need is the element for bidets. These frames for wall-hung bidets support the bidets as well as incorporate the pipework. It has been a while now that bathrooms are much more than purely functional rooms. It is a place for relaxation and an invitation to well-being. >>Read more

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GROHE elements for bidets help achieve this. GROHE’s concealed solution is perfectly designed for a contemporary bathroom. Wall-mounting fixing frames for bidets give your bathroom an ultra-modern look and allow you to create additional storage space. They can be installed both on solid and stud walls, offering you a great deal of flexibility in the design of your bathroom. Rapid SL fixing frames are available in three different heights. They have all been tested by the German technical certification agency, TÜV.

The Benefits of Rapid SL Bidet Mounting Frames

Clutter-free, visually larger bathrooms

The wall-hung bidet frames by GROHE are a decent option in contrast to the exemplary floor-standing bidets. In a modern setup, a bidet is easily mounted on the wall and has many benefits: You have the freedom of choosing the height of your bidet since it isn't fixed to the floor. It is easier to clean the washroom floor with divider-mounted bidets since they do not have a base. Below are a few advantages of rapid SL bidet mounting frames:

  • Wall-hung sanitary ware gives your bathroom an ultra-modern look and is now found in almost all newly renovated bathrooms.

  • Rapid SL sanitary systems allow you to quickly and securely install your hung bidet. Your bathroom looks larger because the floor area is clear.

  • In addition, design ideas are born from their installation. For example, as they can be installed inside stud walls, you could define two distinct areas in your bathroom: a bath-shower area separated by a half-partition where the sink, toilet, and bidet would be located.

  • The wall-hung bidet frame keeps the bathroom ceramics off the floor and leaves a lot of space available, which makes cleaning easy and keeps the bathroom less cluttered, leaving you space for some bathroom furniture.

Noise-free and quick installation

Ideal for every wall

The GROHE Rapid SL installation system provides mounting frames that enable quick and safe fixing of wall-hung bidets, urinals, WCs, and wall-hung basins. The Rapid SL also offers a complete range of fixing frames for sanitary items, so that the baths and sinks can be equipped with a coating to keep the wall dry.

The Rapid SL fixing frames are characterised by their versatility, flexibility, and ease of assembly. They can be installed individually or, if you plan to install your bidet next to your toilet, in a row. The bidet mounting frame is height adjustable and requires a shallow mounting depth. All GROHE built-in sanitary systems are equipped with GROHE Whisper technology. Some technical optimizations prevent noise from passing through the building structure. This ensures quiet operation and complete freedom in the design of your bathroom.

Fast and easy to install, the GROHE Rapid SL wall-hung bidet installation system ensures total security and comfort. Thanks to the QuickFix system by GROHE, the steel frame can either be installed in front of the wall or concealed inside. Here are some quick points that make the GROHE frame for wall-hung bidets unique:

  • With its vertical support for ceramics, it works brilliantly with a small bearing area.

  • It is designed for on-the-wall installations as well as studded walls.

  • It comes pre-assembled with fixing material bolts for bidets.

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