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Soap Dishes

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GROHE Soap Dishes - A Place for your Favorite Soap

GROHE offers a selection of different soap dishes. They are normally wall-mounted to avoid cluttering up the sink. Some soap dishes have GROHE's StarLight coating which makes cleaning easier and allows the metal surface to retain its shine for years. Soap dishes come in a variety of shapes and colours to match your bathroom decoration. Because GROHE produces bathroom accessories belonging to design series, it is easy to ensure the decoration homogeneity and harmony by selecting several items from this same series.

Advantages of a soap dish

If you simply leave the soap on the edge of the sink, it will not dry properly and will soon be in a poor state. As a result, it will leave residues on and in the sink, making it quite messy. So, if you are a fan of bar soap, you need a soap holder because it prevents the soap from getting soaked. For more information please click here.


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Advantages of bar soap

It is well known that one cannot contest matters of taste. As we say so well, it is a matter of taste or, in this case, a matter of hands. It is true that the sensations differ completely if you wash your hands with bar soap or apply a drop of liquid soap.

There are many good reasons why people appreciate bar soap. It is often softer and greasier than liquid soap and allows a gentle cleaning of sensitive hands. Unlike liquid soap, bar soap is produced without chemical additives and is thus degraded faster in nature. The use of bar soap is much more economical and produces much less plastic waste. For the environment, this is a decision that goes in the right direction. On the other hand, the piece of soap is often, but wrongly, perceived as unhygienic, as bacteria can only survive in the soap dish. Regular cleaning prevents contamination. In addition, solid soap in a soap dish naturally gives off a pleasant scent to the bathroom.

Here you will find soap dishes from other manufacturers.

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