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The Talis series has been on the market since 2002 and was developed by the Phoenix-Design Group for Hansgrohe. Since its launch, the series has been redesigned and developed to offer a complete range of fittings for the entire bathroom and kitchen. Over the years, numerous technologies have been integrated such as the well-known Select function, EcoSmart, AirPower, QuickClean and CoolStart.

Talis is available in various models, the main tangent of which is a vertical, slightly conical tap body, slim handles and a classic, harmoniously shaped silhouette. In the Talis E series, precise edges and clear contours shape the taps. Finally, the most popular series is undoubtedly Talis S with its cylindrical and sloping spout.


A complete range of fittings for:
Wash Basins: Talis, Talis E, Talis S or with the Select function
Showers: Talis E, Talis S
BathtubsTalis E, Talis S 
BidetsTalis E, Talis S
Kitchen sinkTalis S or with the Select function

Wide range of models with simple and elegant designs

With the ComfortZones, choose the model which best suits your washbasins

Use the Select function to stop and start the flow

High-quality, durable, high-gloss chrome surface

Hansgrohe technologies ensure ease of use and water savings


Hansgrohe Talis Wash Basin Taps at xTWOstore Talis

To best match your washbasin, Hansgrohe offers the Talis taps in a wide variety of ComfortZones. These refer to the distance between the tap spout and the base of the fitting measured in millimetres: 80, 100, 110, 140, 150, 180, 190, 210, 240, 250. Several designs are also available. These are shown in the figure above. Talis washbasin faucets are offered in the classical straight form with a lever handle, in a forward curved form with a pin handle or a slimmer, curved form with a side handle.

Three-hole tap models for deck mounting are also available in the Talis E series. Additionally, some wall-mounted models are presented. They have a projection of 165 mm or 225 mm.

Finally, models with a 120° or even 360° swivel spout are also part of the Talis range, and various technologies such as CoolStart are present.


Talis offers bidet taps in two of its three series. Whether it is the single-lever bidet mixer Talis E or the Talis S series, the style is the same as for the washbasin fittings displayed in the picture above. 


For the shower, Talis E and Talis S offer the exposed version with an outlet for a hand shower or the concealed single lever taps adopting a square or a round shape respectively. The shower faucets are operated with a pin handle or a classic lever. The head, hand and side showers should be chosen among other series such as Croma or Raindance.



Talis offers also exposed and concealed fittings for the bath. In the exposed versions, Talis E presents the single-lever bath mixer with 1 or 2 outlets, and two models of 3-hole fittings, one with separate controls for hot and cold water, the other offering instead a single-lever mixer and a water outlet for a hand shower. As for Talis S, in addition to single-levera version for floor mounting is offered. Finally, 3-hole and 4-hole taps are available, both with 2 water outlets for a hand shower. Finally, both Talis E and Talis S offer single-lever concealed mixers, which are based on a round or more angular base plate and are equipped with a fine-pin or lever handle. In this case, the bath spout must be installed separately.


Hansgrohe Talis Select S Sink Faucet at xTWOstore Hansgrohe Talis S Kitchen Taps at xTWOstore

In addition to the classic chrome finish, the sink mixers of the Talis S and Talis Select series are also available in stainless steel. Whether they are classically shaped or with a rounded spout and handle or angled to the side, the kitchen taps have many practical features.

A very practical pull-out spray to fill pots, rinse the sink, etc...

The Select Function in the Talis Select series for easy use when you have your hands full - press the button with your elbow or forearm

Folding taps for the installation in front of a window

Spout end swivels in different angles: in steps of 110°, 150° or 360° or by 150°

on certain models, several types of jet selectable at the touch of a button

MagFit, a magnetic holder to put back easily the pull-out spray

The product of the Talis Series

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